About Us



Red Rock Youth Football and Sports Inc. was formed in 2001 for the promotion and development of youth sports in Sedona. This 501(c)(3) charity has helped over 750 Sedona children enjoy youth sports since then.

The RRYF is currently involved in many community events and we represent the very fabric of the community. Boys and girls have a great opportunity created by the RRYF to contribute back to society in ways that benefit themselves and the community. One of our goals is to instill core social values such as pride in our community and respecting the diversification of our commonwealth. Every child that participates in the RRYF is surrounded by support, leadership and guidance. This organization is staffed by individuals  who live in the community and share common values. We then share in a respectful constructive manner these moral attributes to each and every child. The RRYF hopes that each child can take these life lessons with him or her into adult hood. Self pride, camaraderie and sacrifice are but a few traits we hope every child takes away from our program. Our sponsors both old and new are the reason why we are still a viable community organization. Without these individuals and business’ support many of Sedona’s children would be left without an avenue to “just be a kid”. Our football program teaches children so much more then just how to play a game, it gives each intellectual tools  and teaches them how to deal with the unexpected aspects of life. This football  program is a way for us adults to help mold our future into positive contributing  members of our society.